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We specialise in cargo haulage and transport logistics

Our services are based on the principle of providing our clients with the flexibility and reliability, to move legal load across town, or across the country, whenever they want with our in-house team of experienced drivers

Vehicle Hire

As an organization, Blue Pearls Co. limited owns a fleet of vehicles ranging from saloon cars, 4x4 stati on wagons, Land cruisers, double and single cabin Pickup Trucks, mini-buses, saloon cars as well as trucks of diff erent Tonnages ranging from 2 MT-45MT.These vehicles are available for hire on both short and longterm periods.

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Transport & Logistics

With the growing need to trade and do business across borders, there is rising need for transportation services for goods across seas, ocean or by air from one place to another. We collect purchased items from the factories and offer other transporting details until the goods reach their warehouse destination.

Being professional as we are, we also arrange the transport of goods whether bulky or just fragile to the client’s destination. If the goods are traveling by air or ocean shipping,they should be able to truck the logistics on the import or export end.

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Cargo Transportation

As one of the transport operating bodies within and across the region Blue Pearls Co. Ltd is capable of handling bulk like containerized traffi c, grain, liquid petroleum gas, various petroleum products, Specialized cargo that needs temperature regulation during Transit and any other cargo which requires to be moved from one point to another.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking, or fleet tracking, connects locations of your vehicles with software that collects these fleet data. Our fleet management solution shows exactly the time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how your fleet is used. The vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to adapt quickly to new developments and make smart, informed decisions. Contact us for more details regarding the vehicle tracking system.

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Nature of the Product

Blue pearls co. ltd has for the Last five (5) years attained a Considerable a plinth of experience in Transport and Logistics provision, that has enabled us to understand the needs and demands of our clients who seek our services for being fast, efficient, and reliable using the most efficient means enforced with competitive rates. We have dedicated staff with proper communication systems, who are versed with the handling of all the necessary documentation to ensure Passengers or your Cargo reached the destination Safely, securely and on time.

Blue Pearls Co. Ltd is well equipped to handle Passenger / goods in and out of the country whereby our priority is to care and most of all proper service delivery. Accurate knowledge in relation to infrastructure, terrain continuous updates on weather and Climatic patterns, gives an edge over our competitors enabling us to give advice to our clients accordingly when need arises.

Product Virtues

Our services insist on the following.

Efficient and Prompt Services

To satisfy our clients, the organization believes in prompt delivery of goods entrusted to us by the clients in the quickest and safest time possible without inconveniences.


As Blue Pearls Policies state, reliable and efficient communication facilities have been employed to monitor our clients’ cargo at every point it reaches using the most effective communication equipment along with the internet to enable our management team carry out a quality services by regularly giving updates to clients relating to their consignments.

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